Listen to your Heart

I love this poem written by my best friend……

I have a little secret that I really want you all to know,

It isn’t a very big one although some of you may think so.

It’s the secret of true happiness and it’s something we all hold.

The problem is that most of us have never really been told.

It’s something no one can give you, because you have it all within.

I’m sure at times it can seem so clouded given the world that we live in.

The weight of the world can be heavy and carrying it is not how life should be.

What you hold on the inside does matter, and it’s important for you to see.

If you take the time to listen, you may just be surprised.

That there really is so much of yourself that you choose to hide.

Only you can see it because it’s meant for who you are.

Only you can fuel it and choose to let it take you far.

Some may claim to have the answers to making your life feel whole.

Yet following the opinions of others is not where your heart should go.

I say that because you’ve got it, buried deep down in your soul.

It’s up to you to find it and allow it to let you grow.

Listen to your heart, it’s the most important thing that you can do.

You are the only person who can never lie to you.

What is your heart saying?  It speaks to you everyday.

What is in that part of yourself that you keep tucked away?

Why is it that you’re hiding from who you’re meant to be?

Why is that you’re so afraid of what others might see?

Why is it that you’re still searching for that which you already know?

Why is it you seek approval in life, everywhere that you go?

If you look past what is expected and search for what gives you drive

You’ll find your life’s true purpose and then you’ll never feel more alive.

We all have a gift that’s certain, it’s what I so strongly believe.

Yet so many of us sit back and waste it, giving into what others need.

You would know better if you listened to that which is burning inside.

You would know your life’s not meant to be seen through somebody else’s eyes.

You would have the strength to move forward, never living with any doubt.

You would not let the opinions of others ever keep you from figuring it out.

The world needs more great people who never stop believing in their dreams.

The world needs more great people whose individuality can be seen.

My purpose in life is a big one and I want to share it in all that I do.

I want to be the difference in helping you find the very best parts of you.

I can be your reminder and I can be your friend.

I can be your believer in that which you choose to believe in.

~Jennifer Herem~