about me

I almost dropped out of High School my Junior year, but that little voice inside of me said “don’t do it, you’ll regret it.” I’m so glad I listened! I learned some very valuable lessons during those teenage years. At the beginning of my Senior year I was told I did not have enough credits to graduate with my class. I set a goal right then and there that I would do whatever it took for me to graduate WITH MY CLASS. I spent several hours at school -my very least favorite place to be! In addition to regular classes, I had night classes and Saturday school just about every Saturday. I never lost sight of my goal. Some days were harder than others…..I’ll admit I faked sick a few times ūüėČ I didn’t get the green light to walk across the stage and receive my diploma until just a few weeks beforehand. Graduating High School with my class was not¬†only a big goal achieved, it taught me that I can accomplish great things when my heart and mind are in alignment.

I didn’t always listen to that internal voice during my youth, but I am SO VERY GRATEFUL for the times I did! My life could be¬†a completely different story had I never listened.

I believe we each have a voice inside of us that LOVES US and wants the best for us. Unfortunately, we have a slew of other voices inside of us that seem too often to overpower that kind, loving voice. I have had many¬†emotional lows and highs throughout my life experiences. ¬†One thing I learned is that I always had me rooting for me. I mean, the true me. But it’s so easy to be deceived by all those other voices we hear. I’ve learned to recognize it and listen. Sometimes acting on it can be the hardest part. It takes work and repetition. I work on it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I believe youth have a strong connection to their inner being making them very influential. However, I also believe the external voices bombarding youth today are louder and have a greater impact than ever. I know the power of what listening can do and I am committed to helping youth feel that confidence within themselves.

~Kristi Steidley