~The future promise of any nation can be directly measured by the present prospects of the youth~  -John F. Kennedy


This is a 12 week class covering topics such as confidence, individuality, boundaries, external influences, understanding emotions, combating negative thoughts, goal setting and more. It will require a lot of self-reflection in a fun and inspirational way!

Parents/guardians are encouraged to attend the free ATTENTION to IMPACT class with child(ren) in preparation for the BELIEVE in YOUTH class. Information about dates and places will be available soon.

*All mentees must have a signed guardianconsentform before attending youth class

Personal Mentoring

With personal mentoring you will be actively listened to with compassion and empathy. You will have a strong supporter and feel positive influence. You will be given advice and techniques specific to your needs.

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4 appts each

45 min. each

3 family members



4 appts each

45 min. each

1 Parent & 1 youth



4 appts

45 min. each

1 individual